React Native Course Training Surat


Why should you learn React Native?

React has become one of the most popular and efficient JavaScript front end libraries Developed by Facebook.

React helps in developing apps with more ease, scalability, and robustness.

There is plenty of demand for ReactNative experts and developers.

How do you get started with React Native?

Want to be a frontend app developer enroll in this ReactNative Training .

皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute  design a course to enter the door into the world of React and front end cross-platform app development.

The hands-on learning sessions will teach you all about the architecture, components, and advanced concepts involved in building rich internet applications using React Native.

  • What is React Native?
  • Why React Native?
  • React version history
  • React 16 vs React 15
  • Just React – Hello World
  • Using create-react-app
  • Anatomy of react project
  • Running the app
  • Debugging first react app
  • Working with React. create Element Expressions
  • Using logical operators
  • Specifying attributes
  • Specifying children
  • Significance of component architecture
  • Types of components(Functional,Class based,Pure)
  • Component Composition
  • What is state and it significance
  • Read state and set state
  • Passing data to component using props
  • Validating props using prop  Types
  • Supplying default values to props using default Props
  • Understanding component lifecycle
  • Establishing a layout with View
  • Displaying text with Text
  • Accepting user input with TextInput
  • Adding images with Image
  • Making components interactive with TouchableHighlight
  • Displaying data with ListView
  • Changing screens with Navigator
  • Expanding touch capability with GestureResponder and PanResponder
  • Issues with CSS
  • Inline Styles
  • Create Immutable style objects with Stylesheet.create
  • Pass styles as props
  • Positioning components with flexbox
  • Using fetch to retrieve data
  • Getting a user’s location and handling permissions
  • Accessing stored photos with CameraRoll
  • Adding animations
  • History of Javascript
  • What is ES6
  • A word on bable
  • Block scope, let & const
  • Template literals
  • Arrow functions
  • Spread and Rest operators
  • Object literal improvements
  • Destructuring
  • Classes
  • Inheritance
  • Static properties andmethods
  • Promises
  • Iterators and Iterables
  • Generators
  • Modules
  • Set and Map
  • A Common Root Component
  • Copying Reusable Components
  • What is Firebase?
  • Firebase Client Setup
  • Login Form Scaffolding
  • Handling User Inputs
  • More on Handling User Inputs
  • How to Create Controlled Components
  • Making Text Inputs From Scratch
  • A Focus on Passing Props
  • Making the Input Pretty
  • Wrapping up Inputs
  • Password Inputs

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  • Around World

    I learned Web Development at creative multimedia, the fundamentals were covered before advanced concepts. The mentor and support staff cleared all my doubts.

  • denu asodariya

    Creative multimedia institute is very good institute for IT training; I have completed web design course from here and got placed on Company as Web designer. This institute gives me very good career, thank you Creative.

  • srushti badarukhiya

    Creative multimedia institute gives us flexibility in timing for practical which help professionals / working people a lot to complete their course in time.

  • Moni patel

    Creative multimedia institute gives us flexibility in timing for practical which help professionals / working people a lot to complete their course in time.

  • Umesh Prajapati

    Creative multimedia institute is very famous in Surat and its staff members are very competent and co-operative.Every course and course module have an exam system motivation in Creative multimedia institute.every student has to do good amount practice which makes them perfect in their course.

  • Amazing Video show

    皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute provides best training in android. I learn android app development in 皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute. This is the one of the most best institute for training. Rajni sir is a dynamic trainner for android.

  • Drashti Dobariya

    CREATIVE DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE is really a nice Coaching institute. We did only one month Android App Development Course. Our trainer was Mr. Rajni sir. He is a very nice Teacher. He always treat us nicely. His style of delivering new concepts was very nice. Apart from teaching us basics of development of Android , he used to tell

  • Bhavik Gondha

    CREATIVE DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE is the best training center in every aspect, either it is about the course fee or about the trainer. I am thankful to the institute for improving my Game Design skills

  • chandresh dhaduk

    Hello guys I am Jai Kumar from Surat. I done Game Design course from here. After finishing my Game Design course I simply got recruited to a MNC company.

  • Raj Ghodasara

    I get Game Design admission in CREATIVE DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE training institute. I would like to say that it is the first-rate institute in Surat. Now, I am working in a private firm in Surat.

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