Why should you learn Node JS?

Node.js is the future of real-time web applications.

NodeJS allows two-way communication between the client and the server.

NodeJS training in Surat to learn how to build an application.

NodeJS runs on JavaScript and is lightweight, flexible, scalable, and easily maintainable

What is Node JS?

Node.js is an open-source platform.

NodeJS built on JavaScript runtime environment for building fast networking applications.

Node.js applications built-in JavaScript programming language and it can be run on several platforms like OS X, Microsoft Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

The need for Node.js is more important when the JavaScript developers found the need for running an application is not only in the browser but also on the machine as a standalone application.

NodeJS is lightweight, well-organized and suitable for data-intensive real-time applications that run across devices.

Node.js is open-source and provides a JavaScript library that simplifies web application .

How do you get started with Node JS Training?

Enrolling in NodeJS Training Course , you will become a NodeJS Expert that will enter into the NodeJS and web development world.

The curriculum designed by 皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia experts has research on what is trending right now and design the Course.

In NodeJS Training you will learn how to use Events, how to use Stream and Modules, how do connect with databases and tests and debug.


1. Asynchronous programming knowledge and skill

The complete knowledge of how to write asynchronous code using different techniques.

2. Events & Streams

Learn how to work with events and stream for better programming

3. Develop a Web application and application program interface

Understand how to develop web applications and application program interface using the framework

4. Securing web application

Learn how to secure web applications and application program interface using JWT and passport

5. Templating

Learn how to use the jade template in applications.

6. Real-Time communication

Learn how to develop real-time applications using on your application

7. Deployment

Learn how to deploy and create NodeJS application using clustering and process managers

Who can Learn NodeJS Course in Surat?

  • The one who want to launch Node applications or work as a Node developer
  • The one wants to learn modern server-side web development and apply it on application
  • The one who intends to use node.js to build robust and scalable backend applications
  • The one who aspires to build a career in backend Web Application development

皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute Experience


Practical Hands-on training with a combination of theoretical knowledge

Exercises, group discussions, assignments, and intensive Q&A sessions.

Classroom Base IT Training

Ask questions, get clarifications, and engage in discussions with instructors and another enthusiast.


Learn thorough Experts by Industry practitioners with more than 10 years of experience of various project


Get NodeJS Training and timely feedback on your assignments and projects from professional developers.


皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia develops the learning concepts through examples and helps you in building a portfolio of projects through the course of training NodeJS.


Free lifetime support into any of the course to help you refresh the concepts

  • History of JS
  • Syntax of Js
  • Variables & Data Types & Operators
  • Use of var,let,const
  • Progrming Concept (if,loop,Switch,array,String,etc...)
  • Use Of Class,Functions & Objects
  • Use Of Selectors(ld,Tagname,ClassName,etc...)
  • Events & Methods
  • Built in Functions(Date,Math,Array,String,etc...)
  • Manipulating the DOM
  • Handling events + Making a mini game
  • Introduction Of Jquery
  • Syntax of Jquery
  • jQuery Selectors(ld,Tagname,ClassName,Attribute,etc...)
  • jQuery Event Methods
  • jQuery Effects(Hide, Show, Toggle, Slide, Fade, and Animate)
  • jQuery DOM Manipulation(get,set,add,remove,css class,Dimensions)
  • jQuery Traversing(Ancestors,Descendants,Siblings, Filtering)
  • jQuery - AJAX(Load,GET,POST) 
  • Introduction of ES5
  • Working with ES 5 Features
  • Getters and Setters Method
  • Introduction of ES6
  • Use of Arrow Functions
  • Use of Destructuring
  • Use of  Template Sting
  • Work With Default Argument & Object Properties
  • Introduction
  • What is Node.js
  • How js different (javascript vs node)
  • Feature of Node.js
  • js Installation & configuration
  • Where to use Node ?
  • Downloading and installing NodeJS
  • Create a simple node application
  • Create a Terminal
  • Creating a package for managing your application
  • Overview of Node Package Manager
  • Installing npm locally
  • npm Global Installation
  • json
  • Updating a module
  • Deleting a Module
  • What is Event Loop?
  • Event Driven Programming
  • Event Emitter
  • Call back function
  • What is a module
  • Require and module exports
  • Use Of core modules
  • Create Your Own Module
  • What is web-server ?
  • Web application architecture
  • Creating web-server using Node
  • Node apps and managing a file system
  • Creating and deleting files and directories
  • Making a simple server
  • When to use HTTP and HTTPs
  • HTTP requests and responses
  • Request and response headers and body
  • Building a simple HTTP server with static files
  • What is framework ?
  • Installing Express.js
  • Install Folder Structure
  • Install Dependency
  • Working Express Framework with  Node js
  • Node Js Embed With HTML Pages
  • Node Js Embed With JSON data
  • Node Js Routing
  • Node Js Package Manager (npm)
  • Node Js package.json file
  • Node Js with Nodemon package
  • Node Js With Express Routes
  • Node Js With Ejs Template Engine
  • Node Js Templating
  • Express JS Routing with Middleware ( use() , set() )
  • Express JS render()
  • Express JS send()
  • Express JS Routing with HTTP Methods (get,post,delete,put)
  • Express JS with session
  • Node Js with Jade Template Engine
  • Node Js with MySQL
  • Node Js with Mysql Connection
  • Node Js CRUD ( Insert , update ,delete , Select )
  • Node Js Cookie Parser
  • Node Js Session
  • Node Js with body-parser (For Passing JSON and url-encoded Data)
  • Node Js with multer ( For File Uploading)
  • Node Js Query String
  • Node Js POST Request
  • Node Js with Mysql Insert Using Forms
  • Node Js with Mysql Select and Show in Table Format
  • Node Js with Mysql Delete Records from database
  • Node Js with Mysql Edit / Update Data Using Forms
  • Mongo Db Installation
  • Mongo Db Path and Mongochef
  • Mongo Db create and drop database
  • Mongo Db create and drop collections
  • Mongo Db insert
  • Mongo Db query documents
  • Mongo Db AND OR Condition
  • Mongo Db update Documents
  • Mongo Db Remove Documents
  • Mongo Db Selecting fields
  • Mongo Db limit,skip and sort
  • Mongo Db indexing
  • Mongo Db Aggregation
  • Mongo Db backup and restore
  • Node Js based Ecommerce Project
  • Introduction to REST API
  • REST Architecture
  • HTTP methods
  • HTTP response
  • Creating REST
  • Testing REST

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    I learned Web Development at creative multimedia, the fundamentals were covered before advanced concepts. The mentor and support staff cleared all my doubts.

  • denu asodariya

    Creative multimedia institute is very good institute for IT training; I have completed web design course from here and got placed on Company as Web designer. This institute gives me very good career, thank you Creative.

  • srushti badarukhiya

    Creative multimedia institute gives us flexibility in timing for practical which help professionals / working people a lot to complete their course in time.

  • Moni patel

    Creative multimedia institute gives us flexibility in timing for practical which help professionals / working people a lot to complete their course in time.

  • Umesh Prajapati

    Creative multimedia institute is very famous in Surat and its staff members are very competent and co-operative.Every course and course module have an exam system motivation in Creative multimedia institute.every student has to do good amount practice which makes them perfect in their course.

  • Amazing Video show

    皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute provides best training in android. I learn android app development in 皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute. This is the one of the most best institute for training. Rajni sir is a dynamic trainner for android.

  • Drashti Dobariya

    CREATIVE DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE is really a nice Coaching institute. We did only one month Android App Development Course. Our trainer was Mr. Rajni sir. He is a very nice Teacher. He always treat us nicely. His style of delivering new concepts was very nice. Apart from teaching us basics of development of Android , he used to tell

  • Bhavik Gondha

    CREATIVE DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE is the best training center in every aspect, either it is about the course fee or about the trainer. I am thankful to the institute for improving my Game Design skills

  • chandresh dhaduk

    Hello guys I am Jai Kumar from Surat. I done Game Design course from here. After finishing my Game Design course I simply got recruited to a MNC company.

  • Raj Ghodasara

    I get Game Design admission in CREATIVE DESIGN & MULTIMEDIA INSTITUTE training institute. I would like to say that it is the first-rate institute in Surat. Now, I am working in a private firm in Surat.

  • Web App Developer
  • Front End Developer
  • NodeJS Developer
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