What is Lumion?
Lumion is a very Powerful and easy, fun-to-use, and effective architectural visualization tool that allows anyone to build a 3D environment and then create beautiful images, impressive video presentations, and live walkthroughs. 

Lumion Course in Surat -It is the fastest way to pick up your 3D model and create a scene in a matter of minutes. 
This section will help you to know Lumion better and with a quick start, you will be using Lumion immediately.
What is Lumion used for?
Lumion is a visualization software for architects. It fits perfectly into your existing workflow and allows you to quickly turn your 3D CAD designs into videos, images and online 360 presentations. Lumion Training in Surat You can exist life into your design by adding environment, materials, lighting, objects, foliage and compelling effects.

Is Lumion better than VRAY?

Lumion is a standalone software whereas Vray is integrated into Sketchup

When it comes to the end result in Vray vs Lumion, both programs can create beautiful renderings, but the process of using Lumion is much smoother.

Is Lumion easy to learn?
For those who haven't played computer games, learning Lumion Training to navigate with the user interface of Lumion will take just a few minutes of practice. In one afternoon you can learn by yourself to make visualizations of your designs.

Does Lumion work with SketchUp?
Lumion is according to almost all 3D design software tools and offers seamless import of SketchUp files. It accepts both native.

SKP as well as other common 3D file formats, such as COLLADA. The tutorial on the right side shows you how easy it is to import your SketchUp models into Lumion.

How do I import Max files into Lumion?
another option, import the.MAX file in Lumion provided that you have installed 3ds Max on your computer. Lumion will be open 3ds Max in the background and export the model to a temporary. FBX file during the import process.

Who makes Lumion?
About Lumion. Back in 1998 in the Dutch city of Leiden, the Netherlands, two young Dutch computer programmers with a passionate curiosity for 3D computer graphics were taking the first steps toward creating a software company. Act-3D B.V. was about to be born.

further time to design, less time waiting for renders.

Rendering was once a slow and tedious process. With Lumion, everything’s better.
From importing a .dwg file model to rendering a standout result, the whole process now takes only a few hours. And if you need to update a render on-the-fly, you can reconnect your model, adjust the render settings, and show your client a brand new, beautiful result, all in a matter of minutes.
You can also model and visualize simultaneously with LiveSync, helping you design in the context of real-life environments.
Build live environments, from the forest to the city.
your designs in the context of the actual world with Lumion’s comprehensive scene-building tools and effects.
From the densely forested landscape to the urban scene, you can find over 5,600+ objects including fine-detail trees and shrubbery, cars, people, interior furnishings, exterior objects and more.
Over 1,000+ materials are also available in the Lumion Pro version*, giving you the ability to instantly assign stunning glass, plaster, wood, metal, fabrics and more.
Lumion has about more than 30% of the content library (materials and objects) found in Lumion Pro.

Advantage of Lumion

The other big advantage of Lumion over other software is its learning curve. 
Basically anyone can use it and it takes very little time for them to learn. 
That opens up a lot of possibilities and removes the need to have dedicated visualization experts or a visualization department.

Lumion Course fees in Surat?
皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute Provide a Low-Level fees Structure in Surat Level. We Provide Industry Level Job Oriented Training in Lumion 3D. In Our Institute Student Future as Lumion impressive video Maker.

Why You Should Join 皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Institute at Surat?

In 皇冠hg客户端苹果 & Multimedia Training are based on the Design industry. Our Course is designed by a Designer expert. Our Course cover is approved by our Recruiters Partners.

  • Starting a project – Project Setup, Screen Layout
  • Controlling the Camera
  • Modeling Environment and Modifying Terrain
  • Adding a Water Plane and/or Ocean
  • Importing – Updating Models with Geometry
  • Placing Content from the Library
  • Moving, Adding, Deleting and Scaling Models
  • Advanced Transformations
  • Content Specific Properties
  • Using Layers
  • Assigning and Modifying Materials
  • Saving Material Sets
  • Merging Materials with Terrain
  • Advanced Materials (Glass, Waterfalls, Self Illumination, Glows)
  • Environment Settings
  • Setting Sun Direction and Heigh
  • Cloud Setting
  • Environment Setting
  • Adding / Modifying Light Fixture
  • Creating Still Images
  • Creating Animations
  • Animating Objects
  • Camera Presets
  • Animating Camera Zoom
  • Creating a camera Pan
  • Speed of Clips
  • Working with existing still images
  • Importing an existing movie file
  • Working with Filters
  • Filter Specific Settings
  • Adding Special Effects to Individual clips and entire movies
  • Adding Multiple Effects
  • Using Theater Mode Export and Rendering Options
  • Rendering the final output as a movie file.

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    Creative multimedia institute gives us flexibility in timing for practical which help professionals / working people a lot to complete their course in time.

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  • 3D Visualizer
  • Int/Arch 3D Visualizer
  • 3D Product Designer
  • 3D Freelancer
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